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Pierre Auguste Renoir

Renoir, Pierre Auguste (1841-1919), French impressionist painter, noted for his radiant, intimate paintings on canvas, particularly of the female nude. Recognized by critics as one of the greatest and most independent painters of his period, Renoir is noted for the harmony of his lines, the brilliance of his color, and the intimate charm of his wide variety of subjects. Unlike other impressionists he was as much interested in painting on canvas the single human figure or family group portraits as he was in landscapes; unlike them, too, he did not subordinate composition and plasticity of form to attempts at rendering the effect of light.

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A Girl 1878

Girl With Watering Can

A Girl Crocheting

Girl with a cat

A Girl Reading

On the Terrace

Bouquet Of Roses 1879

Acrobats At The Cirque Fernando 1879

After The Bath 1888

The Apple Seller 1890

The Boulevards Of Paris 1875

The Daughters Of Catulle Mendes 1888

Marie Therese And Jeanne 1882

The Doges Palace Venice 1881

The Duck Pond 1873

The Ingenue 1876

Le Pont Des Arts 1867

The Seine At Argenteuil 1873

Algerian Woman

The Sleeper 1897

Vase Of Roses 1919

View Of Venice 1881

Washhouse At Lower Meudon

Woman Reading 1874

Woman With Parasol And Child 1874

Garden At Argenteuil 1873

Young Girl In A Lace Hat 1891

Young Girl On A Bench 1875

Young Girl With Daisies 1889

Alphonsine Fournaise 1845

Young Girls In The Seaside 1894

Anemones 1898

Apples In A Dish

Argenteuil 1876

Dance At Bougivar

At The Concert

Fine Art Giclee Print On Canvas

At The Piano 1897

At The Piano 1875

Girl In Straw Hat

Bather Arranging Her Hair 1885

Girls At The Piano

Girls In Black

Blonde Bather 1881


Boating At Argenteuil 1873

Monet Painting


Bouquet 1880

Bouquet Of Chrysanthemums 1885

Bust Of Jeanne Samary 1877

By The Seashore 1883

Chestnut 1881

Sunlight Effect

The High Grass

Dance In The City 1883

Dance In The Country

The Seine

The Skiff

Female Nude In A Landscape 1883

The Swing

The Umbrellas

Theater Box

Flowers In A Vase 1898

Frederic Bazille Painting

Woman With Cat

Woman Outdoors

Fruits Of The Midi 1881

Gabrielle And Jean 1895

Girl With A Fan 1881

Girls Picking Flowers In A Meadow 1890

Guitar Player 1896

Head Of A Dog 1870

In The Meadow

In The St Cloud Park 1866

Irene 1880

Jean Drawing 1901

Jeanne Samary 1878

Lucie Berard 1884

Louveciennes 1895

The Rowers Lunch 1879

Marie Therese Durand Ruel Sewing 1882

Mixed Flowers Pot 1869

Monsieur Fournaise

Mosque 1881

Le Moulin De La Gallette 1876

Open Blouse 1907

At The Milliners

Apples And Pears

Garden In The Rue Cortot

Flowers In A Vase


Nude In A Landscape

St Marks Venice

The Bathers

Woman With Parasol In A Garden

Peaches And Almonds 1901


Picking Flowers 1875

Place De La Trinite Paris 1875

Plants 1864

Pont Neuf 1872

The Children Of Martial Caillebotte 1895

Railway Bridge 1881

Reading 1890

Roses 1890

Roses In A Vase 1872

Snow 1876

Standing Bather

Still Life With Bouquet And Fan 1871

The Gypsy Girl 1868

Sunset At Sea

The Japanese Dog

The Dancer 1874

The Letter

The Seine 1875
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