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366 Birthday Profiles
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Your Birthday: 6th of July

Personal ruling planets: Moon, Venus
Lucky colours: White & cream, rose & pink
Lucky gems: Diamond, white sapphire or quartz crystal
Lucky days: Friday, Saturday, Wednesday
Lucky numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 69, 78

You love to socialize and are very house-proud. You want to take in life in all its hues, shades and fragrances. You love beauty in all its forms and adore people so the extent that it can be detrimental to you! Watch people closely and understand their true intentions.

You love entertain people in your house and your house is like a shelter for everybody.

Say yes to: Spiritual transcendence, charity, objectivity

Don't give in to: Pretense, snobbishness, needing to win

Children & Family
Because July 6 natives want to believe that their familial relationships are good and satisfying, they may idealize their childhood into representations quite different from reality. They have a tendency to use similar techniques as they raise their children. These individuals need to understand that their little ones are better off knowing a "bad" truth than a "good" lie.

Food issues often loom large with July 6 individuals, who may eat and drink to escape their feelings. It's important they do some aerobic exercise several times a week in order to combat potential circulation problems.

Career & Finances
July 6 individuals have a marked artistic ability and are often drawn to careers in the arts, though usually in a behind-the-scenes position. They make talented designers, fashion consultants, carpenters, and decorators. Although intelligent and able, these people are also generous to a fault. They're likely to spend money they can ill-afford on friends and loved ones.

Dreams & Goals
July 6 individuals seek their happiness and accomplishment through relationships with the people they love. Even though they can be unintentionally deceitful in these matters, they are also intensely loyal.

You share your birthday with: Bali Brahmbhatt, Merv Griffin, Janet Leigh, Della Reese, Nancy Reagan, George W Bush, Sylvester Stallone and Geoffrey Rush.

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