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366 Birthday Profiles
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What Your Face Says About You
  Face Shape Round face Regular face Angular face
  Forehead Type High forehead Average forehead Small forehead
  Eye Type Big eyes Small eyes  
  Nose Shape Short nose Long nose Roman nose
  Mouth Shape Thin lips Full lips  
  Jaw Type Prominent jaw Small jaw  
  Jaw Type  
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Is your jaw large and prominent?

Our expert says...

Your strengths: A large jaw is generally a sign of strength and physical resistance. It also indicates common sense in day-to-day affairs. You're very enterprising in love and you're not afraid of making the first move: you like to be in charge in a relationship, just like you do in the office! You're an active kind of girl who is prepared to fight and defend her territory.

Your weaknesses: Impatience! You don't cope well with frustration, so your needs have to be fulfilled!

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