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Photo Gallery: Car Graveyard

Yellow Truck

Red Truck

Parked in the Bush

Half a hood

Open Door

Car with no Roof

Car with no Hood

Two Cars in Spring

Ford Truck

Rusty Reo

1930s Willy Knight

1920s Star Car by Durant

Late 1940s Cadillac

Late 1920s Willys Overland

A Henry J

The Goliath with tree

1959 El Camino

1947-ish Pontiac with botched chop job

Federal dump truck

Early 1950s Chevrolet

Old Chevys in a field

All State and Henry J

1971 GMC truck

1960 Chevrolet

1957 Dodge Coronet

1952 Chevrolet

1950-1952 Nash

1949 Chevrolet Sedan

1940 DeSoto with
suicide doors

1939 Pontiac

1931 or 1932
Chevrolet Sedan

1930 Chevrolet Doodlebug

1930 Chevrolet Doodlebug with plow

1939 Plymouth

1939 Plymouth

1930 or 32 Willys Knight

1940 Buick

Most of these cars were hauled here in 1977

Muscle Jensen

Muscle 66 Buick GS

Muscle 66 Buick GS Engine

Muscle Shaker Hood Cuda

Muscle 73 Barracuda

Muscle 69 Camaro Convertible

Muscle 69 Camaro Sport

Muscle 67 327 Camaro Convertible

Muscle 68 Camaro Blue

Turbo Jet 396 Camaro

Muscle Mach 1 Mustang

Muscle Roadrunner

Muscle 69 AMX White

Muscle 69 AMX Red.

Muscle Judge Interior

Muscle Judge Trunk Lid.

Muscle GTO Judge

Junkyard in Kauai - Hawaii
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