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Photo Gallery: Cute Animals

Ninja Dog

I Rock


I need your advice

In a Cast

We need to plan this well

I'm Too Cute

All in a bow

Oh what bliss

Squirrel and bunny

Pied Piper

Deer checks out snowman

Toilet Manners

Team work

Mother giraffe kisses
her baby

Mama Hippo, Baby Hippo

Chick and kitten

Look me in the eye

Boxer and goat

Snoozing in the wild

White tiger hugging man

Rabbit and kittens

Rabbit and kitten

Polar bear hugs dog

Kitten with two ducks

Pig, ducks, cat and bunny

Rabbit and dog

Goat on mule's back

Brown tabby kitten
peers at rabbit

Black dutch rabbit with black and white kitten

Kitten and Rabbit

Kitten and rabbit

Monkey and tiger cub

Mmmm Huggie...

Dog hugging cat

Orangutan and tiger cubs

Dog and cat

Baby lying on grass with baby donkey

Baby seal looks
in the mirror

Cat and hen share food

Puppy with two cats

Puppies in the bath

Puppy Love

Monkey hugging dog

Polar bear family

Golden retriever
puppy training

Big dog with little pup

Puppy with baby deer

Little pups suckling
at master's fingers

The Perfect Family

Home schooling
Black cat approaches a resting dog, makes herself comfortable with new-found friend

Happy Birthday

Who goes there

Cute squirrel kiss

Puppies at play

Cute little kittens snuggled
up in coffee mugs

Dog and cat all
cosied up

Cute, patient doggie

Cat and pup among
the flowers

Wonder dog

What a clown!

Large dog and cat
hug playfully

Cat and mouse

Dog and cat snuggle
up in master's bed

Dog and cat get
all woolly

Eight pups — on the line!

Cute little kitten rests
chin on puppy's head

Dog with Cat

Cute baby animals

Cute baby animal
with mother

Cute dog

Doggie lovingly looks
over sleeping baby

Dog and cat in
deep snooze

Dog inspects
cranky (?) cat


Dog and cat in
serious snooze

"I think there's a spy
among us..." says Top Cat

Rat delivers classified information to Cat

Dog at the piano

Cute puppy cuddles
sweet kitty

Dog and cat,
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